Green Queen: Float Foods Brings Its OnlyEg to Hong Kong Meal Kits In DayDayCook Exclusive

Singapore’s Float Foods, the plant-based food tech startup known for its egg replacement OnlyEg, has announced a partnership with DayDayCook, a direct-to-consumer meal solutions platform.

Working with DayDayCook will bring the OnlyEg option visibility to the platform’s 20 million customers. The new meal kits will be available exclusively in the Hong Kong market beginning early next year with plans to roll out to the larger Asian market soon after.

The meals leverage plant-based eggs in a variety of Chinese and Asian preparations from a range of chefs, the companies say.

Plant-based eggs

Unlike conventional eggs, Float Foods says its OnlyEg is healthier and more sustainable with comparable protein to a chicken egg but with 70 percent less saturated fat and zero cholesterol.

Plant-based eggs are also less damaging to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and requiring fewer resources to produce.

float foods
Vinita Choolani, CEO of Float Foods | Courtesy

As consumer demand for climate-friendly foods increases, options like plant-based eggs play a critical role in helping shift dietary habits.

“Float Foods and DayDayCook are uniquely positioned to meet consumers’ evolving taste, health and lifestyle requirements, including appreciating the time constraints faced by families, mothers, fathers, young adults in today’s fast paced world,” Vinita Choolani, CEO of Float Foods, said in a statement.

Choolani launched Float Foods during the pandemic after seeing its impact on the food supply and the increasing number of diet-related illnesses. The company raised SGD $2.2 million(approx US$1.6M) in Seed funding round last year.

Easy, tasty food

The new partnership follows Float Foods bringing the first plant-based egg Tamagoyaki to Singapore’s food service industry earlier this year.

Choolani says the new meal kits, which target 15 minutes of prep time, offer consumers wider choices to make conscious food decisions “that will impact their health and wellbeing, whilst injecting new flavours and taste experiences at the same time,” she says.

Float Foods OnlyEg | Courtesy

“People have enjoyed the experience of cooking and eating at home but are also hard-pressed for time and energy. The OnlyEg Meal Kits offer the chance to elevate the dining experience by introducing clean, contemporary, healthy meals,” Norma Chu, Founder, and CEO of DayDayCook, said in a statement. “Eating a healthy protein-rich meal should be accessible to everyone and bring a sense of celebration at the same time.”

The new ready-to-cook meals will be available through e-commerce, and B2B options including hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, caterers, cloud kitchens, and institutional cafeterias. 


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