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DayDayCook adopts a multi-brand portfolio with the aim to design, create, develop and market different brands and products. By having a portfolio of brands, we are able to address customer needs and provide them with a diversity of choices by covering different product categories and price ranges.

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In 2018, we proudly unveiled our own exclusive product line, introducing a delightful assortment of convenient, on-trend, and nourishing consumer packaged goods. At the heart of our collection lies our flagship brand, composed of three series: Ready-to-Heat (RTH), Ready-to-Cook (RTC), and Plant-Based Meat.​

Our RTH products include the Home-Style Main & Rice series, the Deluxe Main & Rice series, and Self-Heating Hot Pot. ​

Our RTC products include City-based Recipes series, the Master Chef series, and the Master Chef's Secret Recipes series.​

Together, this comprehensive selection empowers urban dwellers to relish in the authentic flavors of fine cuisine, effortlessly and affordably, even amid their bustling lifestyles.​​


Nona Lim

Nona Lim makes Asian comfort food for the flavor-obsessed. Our founder, the real Nona Lim, draws her inspiration from a childhood spent in Singapore, a country passionate about the big, harmonious flavors of its unmatched culinary diversity. But it’s not just about taste: we believe that food should also be good for your body and soul. That’s why our products are full of healing spices, natural proteins, and whole veggies. Our fresh, flavorful and easy-to-prepare foods will warm you from the inside out. ​

#NonaLim #AllFlavorNoCrap​


Yai’s Thai

Yai’s Thai was founded by Leland and Sarah shortly after college. Their shared passion revolves around transforming the way people perceive and experience healthy eating, aiming to elevate the options available in stores.​

​Turning to the recipes they knew best, influenced by Leland's half-Thai heritage, the duo found themselves immersed in Thai cooking in their own kitchen. The name "Yai," derived from the Thai word for "grandma," pays homage to their culinary roots.​

​At Yai’s Thai, the firm belief is that there's no reason for unhealthy products to persist. Equally important is the conviction that healthy alternatives should never compromise on flavor. The goal is simple – to create products that taste amazing, period. Not just "good for a special diet product," but rather "this is delicious.

Yai’s Thai proudly offers products that are Whole30 Approved, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, and low sodium. So, indulge freely, knowing that your sauce is there to bring the flavor!​



Omsom was founded in 2020 by first-generation Vietnamese-American sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham with the goal of reclaiming Asian flavors that have been diluted for far too long. Omsom partners with iconic Asian chefs to craft their cultworthy product lines— Omsom Sauces and Saucy Noodles— bringing restaurant-quality Asian flavors into any home kitchen easily. Its Saucy Noodles – premium instant noodles alongside flavorful, luscious sauces – deliver real-deal Asian flavors in just four minutes. Omsom's products, thought leadership, and partnerships have had a significant cultural impact, including influencing Whole30's stance on MSG. The company has also received numerous awards and recognition from CNN, Food & Wine, The Kitchn, Fast Company, NOSH, The New York Times, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal.



With a rich history dating back to 2014, Mengwei stands proudly as a premier Chinese food brand, renowned for our tantalizing array of Chongqing-inspired culinary delights. Our product range encompasses self-heating hot pot, self-heating rice, and an assortment of instant food CPG, all exuding remarkable value and unparalleled quality.​

​To stay ahead in the ever-changing realm of online and social commerce, we consistently push the boundaries of research and development and strengthen our manufacturing capabilities. This tireless pursuit of excellence enables us to introduce a continuous stream of innovative and exceptional ready-to-heat products, delighting the taste buds of our loyal customers.​


The Yujia Weng brand is rooted in the coastal city of Quanzhou, Fujian, renowned for its delectable seafood offerings in China. We harness the exceptional local resources and our professional expertise to create the most exquisite and authentic seafood delicacies from our region. As an innovation-driven company, we have developed our own research and development, production, and sales capabilities since our inception. Our approach to product development is akin to crafting a masterpiece, infusing each creation with a meticulous attention to detail. This unwavering commitment to excellence resonates throughout our entire product range.​

Located in Jinjiang's Wuli Industrial Park, a hub known for retail brands, our expansive production facility spans over 40,000 sqm. We pride ourselves in adhering to the highest quality standards, exemplified by our certification with the HACCP quality management system. This ensures that every facet of our operation maintains exceptional quality, meets stringent standards, and operates with optimal efficiency.

How Can We Help?

  • Expand into International Markets

    Access untapped markets and connect with your target audience - buyers, brokers, and consumers - precisely when they're ready.​

  • Optimize Your Supply Chain

    Harness our global supply chain network to maximize operation efficiency - from sourcing to processing to scaling.​

  • Amplify Your Brand

    Leverage our content creation process and 12+ years of digital and social marketing experience to showcase your brand and products to the right audience, at the right time.​

  • Stay Ahead with Innovation

    Access cutting-edge food and manufacturing tech to expedite ​product development and meet tomorrow's needs today.

  • Fuel Growth with Strategic Investment

    Secure the funding needed to propel your brand to new heights at full speed.

  • Financial Excellence & Optimization

    Receive expert guidance for financial planning, systemization, forecasting, and financing, and create a strong backend for your business.​

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What We Look For?

  • Passionate People

    We look for driven founders who are passionate for food and share our vision of spreading the joy of Asian cooking worldwide.Their passion is the most contagious catalyst for inspiration. Dream bold, live true, stay hungry.

  • Exceptional Products

    Our aim is to bring forward exceptional products that not only delight consumers but also positively impact our farmers, craftsmen, and the environment. ​Together with all our partners, we're committed to being a positive force to the world.​

  • Curious Minds

    We are a bunch of curious minds who are not fixated solely on today's triumphs. If you share our curiosity, we'll learn a great deal from each other during this journey and achieve remarkable success at the end of it.​​

  • Collaborative Partners

    The journey of entrepreneur-ship will be hard, but we believe that it ​should not be a lonely ​one. Together, we will ​cook up a feast of fun and deliciousness. ​​​

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