At DayDayCook, our passion for Asian cooking knows no boundaries. Since 2022, we have been expanding our horizons beyond China, venturing into the dynamic markets of the US and the EU. The ever-evolving landscape has gifted us with many exciting prospects in the ready-to-eat category, combined with the burgeoning interest in Asian food and cultural trends and a growing appetite for diverse and premium Asian culinary delights. 

As we fix our gaze on the future, we are committed to cultivating our presence on the global stage. This involves actively pursuing M&A with promising brands that share our vision and values, while also bolstering our capabilities and laying the groundwork for a resilient and seamless global supply chain. Together, let's embark on this flavorful global journey, bringing people and cultures together through our love for Asian cuisine!


Leveraging our significant fan-base and an asset-light supply chain approach, DDC has developed a product innovation model that is informed by real-time consumer insights, effectively tailoring our offerings to meet customer demands.


Recipes, product specifications, packaging design and pricing structure.


Global food manufacturing network with drop-ship logistics capabilities.