Welcome to DayDayCook, where we are on a mission to promote Asian cooking to the world. We aspire to educate, empower, and inspire you to cook daily, and to foster a culture of sharing and caring through the joy of culinary experiences.

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    We want to educate and inspire everyoneto cook every day.​​


    Cooking is an act of care. Whether cooking a one-pot meal for yourself or preparing an extravaganza for your family, friends, and loved ones, cooking is the most direct way of showing care. Caring for what you feed yourself and caring for others enough to provide for them as well.


    ​It’s no coincidence that the most joyfulcelebrations often happen over food. It feels goodto care and to be cared for. Knowing thatyou aretaking good care of yourself and nurturing thebest version of yourself will bring you joy.

An amazing day at NYSE's historic 1792 restaurant, where I cooked alongside the amazing Cassandra Seier and the charismatic Judy Khan Shaw! Together, we whipped up some of my all-time favorite quick & easy Asian dishes using Nona Lim's kits. This marks a historic moment as the first outsider to present a cooking demo in this remarkable kitchen.

I'm immensely grateful to NYSE and everyone who made this day possible. Exciting times are on the horizon, with more incredible collaborations bridging worlds through our shared love for food.

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    We create products that enables our​customers to enjoy the fun of cooking​ and quality meals hassle-free.​

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    We are always thinking of our customers ​and how we can offer superior products ​for them by incorporating better and​ healthier ingredients into our products.

  • Taste

    We believe cooking delicious​ meals is equally important to​ cooking quick and convenient meals.

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Daydaycook x Oatly

Excited to be launching this collaboration series with Oatly - Oat Milk Mushroom Sauce with Plant-Based Meat & Fusili and Oat Milk & Truffle Flavour Plant-Based Beef Soup!
Enjoy these RTC meal kits with maximum convenience and deliciousness.

#Oatly #DDC #plantbased #ReadyToCook #CPG #altprotein #innovation #China

Exciting News! Introducing OnlyEg - The Future of Plant-Based Eggs

We are thrilled to announce that DayDayCook (DDC Enterprise Limited), in partnership with Float Foods, has launched a groundbreaking plant-based product in Hong Kong - OnlyEg! We are proud to work with Vinita Choolani, Founder of Float Foods, and to be the exclusive distributor of this delicious creation in Hong Kong.

To mark this special occasion, we held a launch event with our friend KIN Food Halls , a true pioneer in sustainability and closed-loop food system within HK’s vibrant F&B industry. We are immensely grateful to KIN Food Halls for being our venue host and for their unwavering support.

What sets OnlyEg apart aside from its environmental benefits is its exceptional nutritional profile. With 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fat, and 0 artificial preservatives, OnlyEg offers a healthier alternative without compromising on taste or texture. Gym enthusiasts will also be delighted to hear that it boasts the same amount of protein as a real egg, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a planet-friendly source of protein.

Over 30 friends came to experience the sensational flavors and remarkable benefits of OnlyEg. They were treated to a delightful tasting journey, exploring the versatility of this incredible plant-based egg in three delectable dishes: Singaporean noodles with Shredded Eggs, Tamago Sushi, and KIN’s signature Egg Sando.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our guests who graced the product launch event and shared their valuable feedback. Your support and enthusiasm for OnlyEg have been truly encouraging and rewarding. We are confident that this extraordinary product will revolutionize the way we enjoy eggs, and together, we will build a more sustainable food system in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey with OnlyEg. Together, let's create a world where sustainability, taste, and nutrition can coexist harmoniously.

#OnlyEg #PlantBasedEggs #PlantBased #AltProtein #FutureOfFood #Sustainability #FloatFoods #DayDayCook

Team work makes the dream work! Happy women’s Day!

The month of March is International Women History month. Today, we celebrate diversity and inclusion at DayDayCook. We are grateful to have a strong team that is comprised of 60% female in our workforce. Also one in every five senior leadership positions are also held by strong capable women in our team. Thank you to all of our DayDayCookers for your dedication to our mission!

Team work makes the dream work! Happy women’s Day!
#grateful #diversityandinclusion #leadership #thankyou #teamwork #strong #womenempowerment

DayDayCook pledges zero carbon footprint. Cooking for a better future!

We truly believe that each one of us, as an individual and as an organization, can be part of a greater solution in fighting climate change and help contribute in any way we can to a more sustainable future for the generations to come. As we look to the future of DayDayCook after having served our fans and customers for 10-years, we want to create a better future for our future generations not only by providing them with great food and great experiences in the kitchen but also from a sustainability and environmental-friendly perspective. With this in mind, our founder Norma Chu has decided to allocate an ESG budget each year to planting trees as well as other sustainability program to offset our organizational carbon footprint.  🌳🌳🌳

Read more to find out how you can also start living a reduced or zero carbon footprint lifestyle today 💕 🌳 💕 🌏

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