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At the heart of DayDayCook is our founder, Norma Chu, who seamlessly weaves her dual passions for finance and cooking into the fabric of her entrepreneurial journey. Born and raised in the bustling city of Hong Kong and having moved to the US at the tender age of 11, Norma has crafted a life that marries the rich traditions of her heritage with a modern zest for innovation.

After completing her studies at the University of Washington, Norma returned to Hong Kong to carve out a career in finance, culminating in her role as the Head of Research at HSBC Private Bank in 2010. Yet, it was her love for gastronomy and a desire to spread the joy of cooking among her friends that sparked the creation of DayDayCook in 2012.

Norma's entrepreneurial flair didn't go unnoticed, as she expanded DayDayCook's vision to a wider audience in Shanghai by 2015 and led the company to a listing on the NYSE in 2023. Under Norma's passionate leadership, DayDayCook continues to redefine the culinary landscape, bridging cultures and bringing the joy of cooking to kitchens around the world.

Norma is also an alumnus of the Harvard Business School, a Regional Board Member of the Young Presidents Organisation North Asia, and the founder of the GFM Food Tech Accelerator.

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At DayDayCook, we are on a mission to promote Asian cooking to the world. We aspire to educate, empower, and inspire you to cook daily, and to foster a culture of sharing and caring through the joy of culinary experiences.

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