How DayDayCook Is Revolutionizing Asian Cuisine

In the dynamic world of cooking, one company stands out for its dedication to bringing the richness of Asian cooking to a global audience: DayDayCook. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Norma Chu, DayDayCook has rapidly evolved from a humble startup into a multi-brand powerhouse, reshaping the way people around the world perceive and prepare Asian cuisine.

The Rise of DayDayCook

The story of DayDayCook begins with Chu’s passion for cooking and her desire to share the delights of Asian cuisine with the world. Starting as an online platform for sharing recipes, DayDayCook quickly grew in popularity, driven by Chu’s innovative approach to traditional dishes. The company’s unique blend of authentic flavors with modern cooking techniques struck a chord with audiences globally, setting the stage for its exponential growth.

“Even though now we are a full-grown food company, 12 years ago, we started with this concept and we started creating short-form video content,” Chu told Xtalks. “Later on it became content commerce, where we started recommending products.”

DayDayCook has since diversified, branching out into various segments of the food industry. Its journey from a digital recipe hub to a multifaceted culinary enterprise is a testament to the company’s adaptability and commitment to its mission.


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