IG Live with David Meltzer - Community, Adaptability

It was a pleasure and an instant connection chatting with David Meltzer recently on his IG live. David was from the sports world, but turns out we do have a few things in common - his current endeavour and my roots in media, as well as our shared interest in Stoicisim. When I first started DayDayCook (DDC Enterprise Limited), I wanted to promote Asian cooking to the younger generation through short-form videos. That was my passion and mission, but I did not know how to monetize it as a business. There was a lot of uncertainty and self-doubt at the time, and I was grateful to have discovered Stoicism as my guiding light. It taught me to have the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to be able to tell the difference. 🌟 Today, DayDayCook has transitioned its focus to CPG, catering to an international audience, but the mission and principles remain the same. We always listen to our consumers and constantly evolve to meet their dynamic needs. Our adaptability and deep connection with our community provide the foundation for all of our innovations. It is not just a strategy, it is in our DNA and is our ‘secret ingredient’ to becoming an enduring, cross-generational brand. 🌐 Be sure to tune in to David’s podcast, a treasure trove of wisdom awaits! 🚀 #Community #Adaptability #DDC #Stoicism #CPG
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