Interview with Norma Chu, Founder and CEO of DayDayCook – Xtalks Food Podcast Ep. 141

This episode of the Xtalks Food Podcast features an interview with Norma Chu, founder and CEO of DayDayCook, a multi-brand company on a mission to promote Asian cooking globally. Over her 12-year journey at DayDayCook, Chu has implemented several successful brand strategies to reach global audiences, introduced an exclusive product line and used social media to help DayDayCook become a household name. Chu discussed the company’s recent acquisition of Yai’s Thai as well as its other brands, Nona Lim, Mengwei and Yujia-Weng. She also talked about a typical day in her life as an entrepreneur, which begins at around 5am and is filled with exercise, self-care and of course, work. Chu is excited to witness the company’s expansion in the US and continue promoting Asian cuisine around the world.

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