Tricor Hong Kong: Cooking Up a Business

What happened in the last three years has turned Hong Kong and the world upside down, presenting unprecedented challenges to entrepreneurs and business owners. But were the challenges really “unprecedented”? Norma Chu, founder and Chief Executive Officer of DayDayCook, thinks otherwise. “Nobody is unique. The things we do, the problems we encounter, are not uncommon in history. The two fundamental human problems - the economic problem about how to meet our material and social needs, and the existential problem about how to live wisely, agreeably and well – are the same as 2,000 years ago,” she says.

Chu grew up in the United States and studied economics and finance in the University of Washington. She started working in the investment banking field after graduation and was relocated back to Hong Kong in 2007. Before she found DayDayCook in 2012, she was the Head of Equities Research North Asia at HSBC Private Bank. Her passion for cooking and professional knowledge on economics and finance have led DayDayCook into great success; yet the success did not come without hurdles and failures.


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