• 2012-2015 Media-Focused/ App Platform

    Norma founded​ DDC as cooking​ content focused ​media platform​.

    Launched DDC APP​.

  • 2016-2017 Media-Focused/ App Platform

    Rolled out DDC ​E-commerce Mini App on WeChat​.

    Launched RTE and ingredient products in HK​.

  • 2018 PBM + RTC Meals

    Launched OEM private label products sold via e-commerce channels.

  • 2021 PBM + RTC Meals

    Expanded into​ offline channels from​ 300 POS coverage to​ 5,000 POS in 7 months.

    Launched 40 RTC and RTH SKUs.​

  • 2022 InternationalExpansion

    Expanded into the U.S.​ and Canada markets in 2022​

  • 2023 NYSE IPO

    Listed on NYSE American Board in Nov 2023. Ticker Symbol DDC

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  • Authentic Asian

    We hold our Asian roots close to our hearts. Asian cooking isn't just incredibly delicious—it's a vibrant tapestry of flavors, colors, and cultures. We can't wait to help the world discover and savor the authentic Asian dishes we adore!​

  • Accessible

    We get it—cooking, especially Asian cuisine, can feel daunting at first. But don't worry, we're here to change that. Our mission is to break down barriers and make Asian cooking accessible to everyone. We'll provide you with the knowledge, skills, and affordable resources you need to confidently create amazing dishes. ​

  • Empowering

    Our aim is to empower you to cook delicious and nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones. But it doesn't stop there. By saving you time and effort in the kitchen, we want to give you the freedom to pursue your passions outside of cooking. Food should energize and inspire you, not hold you back!​

  • Fun & Creative = EATERTAINMENT

    Cooking should be a joyful experience, not a stressful chore. We're here to inject some excitement into your culinary journey! Our content is designed to entertain and educate you, all while encouraging your creativity. Our recipes are like a blank canvas—feel free to add your own twist and let your imagination run wild!​

  • Love & Passion

    We're absolutely head over heels in love with Asian cooking, and we want to share that love with you. Through our videos, recipes, and community, we hope to bring people together and celebrate the incredible flavors and stories behind Asian cuisine. Because food tastes even better when it's made with love and shared with loved ones.​

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  • Cook

    We want to educate and inspire everyone to cook every day.​​


    Cooking is an act of care. Whether cooking a one-pot meal for yourself or preparing an extravaganza for your family, friends, and loved ones, cooking is the most direct way of showing care. Caring for what you feed yourself and caring for others enough to provide for them as well.


    ​It’s no coincidence that the most joyful celebrations often happen over food. It feels good to care and to be cared for. Knowing that you are taking good care of yourself and nurturing the best version of yourself will bring you joy.