• Our omni-channel sales, E2E product development and distribution strategy, and data analytics capabilities enable us to successfully identify, assess, and pivot to cater to changing consumer preferences and trends across multiple customer segments and price-points.

    1. Leverage Social & E-Commerce Platforms​
    2. Access to Offline POS Channels​
    3. China + International Market
    4. Expansion ​Multi-Brand Portfolio ​

Competitive Advantages​

  • Leading Content Driven Consumer Brand in China that Possess a Loyal Customer Base, and Clear Alignment with Consumer Trends​

  • Track Record of Innovation​

  • Omni-Channel and Multi-Faceted Sales & Distribution Strategy​

  • Customer Engagement Analytics, Customer Service, and Real-Time (“RT”) Feedback Capabilities​

  • E2E Supply Chain Visibility, Agile Product Development and Go-to-Market (“GTM”) Capabilities​

  • Experienced Management Team, Board of Directors, and Advisory Network​

Customer Analytics & Engagement​

E2E Product Development + Go-To-Market ​

Growth Strategy Summary​

  • Product Development:

    Expansion on Plant-based RTC SKUs

  • Online Platform Penetration:

    Continuous Growth of Paid Customers

  • International expansion

    • US Market + Europe, SE Asia & Middle East
    • Rising demand for Asian meal solutions
    • Higher margins

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